Graduated from Sheffield Hallam university UK, Major in Sport Business Management. Had Taekwondo 3rd Dan grade registered in the Kukkiwon (Korea), and also a member of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association. He is a coach of Taekwondo and Martial Art Tricking, and a freelance performer. Then, he is a member of TS Crew and has been working about physical movements and performing arts. He has been involved in many different performances such as: 《Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade in 2015-17》, 《The 20th Anniversary of The Establishment of The HKSAR》,《Hacken Lee 30th Anniversary Concert》, 《Oh! Million Fist! 》, 《Made in Hong Kong》,《ke le fe/ Carefree》, 《Along》, 《Gone Wood》and participating in drama side performances: 《Starry》, 《Yokohama Mary》, 《The Only King II》, 《The Ravages of Time》etc. In addition, he is also involved in different kinds of movies, TV and commercials as an action stuntman!