Steve Ng Chung Wai

Associate Artistic Director

A Capoeira professor and a performer, one of the founders of TS crew and TS studio, also the bassist of Hong Kong band “Wonderland”. Actively involved and across different performing media and platform. The capoeira background and training gave Steve a unique way to express himself with movements and flow. Learning the beautiful art form capoeira at its origin Salvador-Bahia since 2001, Steve has been dedicated and passionated about it. 2008 graduated in GCB under supervision of Mestre Peixe. 2011 further study and develop the technique and knowledge in São Paulo with Mestre Girino, also attended the First International Capoeira forum hosted by Mestre Boneco in Rio de Janeiro. 2013 won the Hong Kong open capoeira competition. 2017 became the first and only Capoeira Professor in Hong Kong. The first Hong Kongese to achieve professor level in History. Steve held and participated numerous capoeira workshops over the world, which included : Brazil, USA, France, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau and China. Steve also involved in different performing media, for movies : 《In the Wild》, 《Oh! Million Fist!》, 《Yellow Alert》, 《Under Lion Rock Mountain 2016》 ; Drama : 《Starry》, 《The Phoenix》, 《Monkey Man》, 《Mid Summer Night’s Dream》(Hong Kong and Singapore), 《Ninja Kindergarten》, 《Magic Island》, 《Tonochy》, 《Equus》 ; Dance : 《Along》(Hong Kong, Japan, Beijing), 《Made in Hong Kong》( Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Germany) ,《Resistance》, 《Remain with Questions》, 《S.L.O.A.P》, 《City and Body rebuild》, 《Mr.Mok》, 《Relax》, 《Kidult Ophelia》.