Gong Wu

Integrating the traditional lion dance\nwith the contemporary performing technique

Integrating the traditional lion dance with the contemporary performing technique, the choreographer carefully blends the traditional cultural symbols into different scenes. At the same time, the performers blend the lion dance technique into TS CREW’s signature movements.

In our cultural context, Gong Wu means to be a romantic imagination, yet a cruel one. It reflects the people’s life in a famous international city, on one side, you will be amazed by it’s “beautiful jacket”, on the other side, the nasty reality is hide down under this jacket.


Name List

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Performer: Hugh CHO

Creative performer: Steve NG, Alan CHENG, TO Chi Sing

Producer: Andy LO



Cultural Masseur, Hong Kong Arts Centre 2018 (outdoor version) (HK); Hotpot at SiDance 2018 (theatre version) (S. Korea)


Overseas performance

Comic International Dance Festival 2019 (Incheon and Jeju, S. Korea)