Made in Hong Kong

A unique Hong Kong performance style of dance,\ncircus and physical theatre performance

A unique Hong Kong performance style of dance, circus and physical theatre performance – an integration of Chinese Opera (warrior), Kung Fu, tricking, parkour, dance and capoeira. It is a contemporary dance piece, and at the same time, a well-choreographed contemporary circus piece.

Made in Hong Kong concerns about people’s lives and behaviors in an international city with extremely high density and rapid pacing. It also concerns about the tangible and intangible space of a city. The space for expression, the space for having a quality home, the space for enjoying silence, the space for choosing your own path, the space for being slow, the space for being alone, the space for being non-hybrid, the space for being non-globalize, the space for…. being a human being.


Name List

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Performer: Hugh CHO

Creative Performer: Steve NG, Alan CHENG, TO Chi Sing

Producer: Andy LO



New Force in Motion Series, LCSD 2014


Touring history

Tanzmesse 2016 (Germany), Guangzhou Arts Exchange Market 2017 (China), TPAM (Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting) 2018 (Japan)